Psy, You Are A “Mother Father Gentleman”

I don’t know if you know why it needs to be hot
I don’t know if you know why it needs to be clean
I don’t know if you know, it’ll be a problem if you’re confused
I don’t know if you know but we like, we we we like to party

Hey there
If I’m going to introduce myself
I’m a cool guy with courage, spirit and craziness
What you wanna hear, what you wanna do is me
Damn! Girl! You so freakin sexy!

Ah Ah Ah Ah I’m a…
Ah Ah Ah Ah I’m a…
Ah Ah Ah Ah I’m a mother father gentleman
–Lyrics translated by PolicyMic 

Psy, you have done it again.

Done what? I am not totally sure, but he has wracked up 44.5 million views in one day on his newest video above, “Gentleman.”  No. I did not just stutter. He has 44.5 million views on a video that introduces himself as a, “cool guy with courage, spirit and craziness.”

The beats and dance moves remind me of his last record breaking hit, Gangham Style, which has amassed over 1.5 billion views in 9 months worldwide. His videos and lyrics are defined by the overly sexual tones and dance moves. Wearing his famous drop-crotch pants, Psy begins the video thrusting his hips at almost everything that comes into sight.

Why does the song so easily insert itself in my mind? Part of my frustration with the tune lies in the fact that I can barely concentrate to write this very blog while I listen to the Korean pop beat. There, I paused the video. I can breathe again.

If you have not heard of Psy, Gangham Style, or drop-crotch jeans, you must have been living under a rock. But, that is ok. You have not missed much. Will the song rival his first single? I do not know, but this song has all the same elements that the first had, but with much more grotesqueness.

Is this video satire?
I am not sure.

Is Psy making fun of all the American college kids and twenty-somethings who helped skyrocket him to fame?
I am not sure.

What I can say: Psy definitely wants the world to know he is not a gentleman.

What do you think?


  1. Sherri Clark says:

    This crude young man is just crude and enjoys his “success” for being crude–laughing all the way to the bank. I agree that he wants the world to know he is not a gentleman, but can this be smart enough to be satire? That takes talent, and there is no talent present in this video. The 50 million viewers only reveals our overwhelming sensate idiocy.

  2. George Grant says:

    36-year old Park Jae-sang knows exactly what he’s doing. Son of multi-millionaire parents (his father is the founder and CEO of D1 which supplies the semiconductor industry and his mother is a successful restauranteur and franchiser in Seoul’s fashionable Gangham District). Though each of his first five albums ran afoul of the law in South Korea for “obscenity” or “anti-social corruption,” he has pioneered an entirely innovative path to profitability in the music business–at a time when traditional business models are no longer sustainable. It is sad that such innovation has come at such cost to both the integrity of the music and the value of human dignity. In any case, it is quite clear: PSY is no gentleman.


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